heey im Brooke // New Zealand // music is my life ♪♫ // quotes so on :)

Even if you have…
Even if you need…
I don’t mean to stare.
We don’t have to breed.
We can plant a house,
We can build a tree
I don’t even care.
“We could have all three”
She said

People constantly judge you for something you did years ago, they call you names and tell you that you don’t deserve to be in the industry, they talk about you like you’re a monster, they say you’re reckless and a bad influence, they push you closer to the verge of breaking that you feel alone and like you’re not wanted„ just remember one thing for the million haters that hate on you there’s a million more that love you and want you to stay, people that truly care about you and would be heartbroken if you leave, people who support you no matter what <3 f*ck the haters

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